The Daily Bliss

30 Day Wellness Challenge:

Day 1~Just Breathe, 2~Feelin’ Thirsty, 3~Get Movin, 4~Fuel for Life, 5~Intentional Direction, 6~Kitchen Kleanse, 7~REstocking, 8~Be Well, 9~Sweet Dreams, 10~Get Creative, 11~Community, 12~Take Care, 13~Balance, 14~Return to the Breath, 15~Infusions, 16~Patience, 17~Faith, 18~Take a Break, 19~Happy Belly, 20~Gratitude, 21~Nature Healing, 22~Joy, 23~Homestretch, 24~Roadblocks, 25~Clarity, 26~Practice, 27~Skin Care, 28~Results, 29~Dedication, 30~Celebrate

Session Descriptions:

Wellness Coaching Sessions
Healing Breath Sessions
Thai Yoga Massage Sessions
Reiki Relaxation and Chakra Balancing
Akashic Records
Kitchen Kleanse