Day 1 ~ Just Breathe

The breath is our our most vital tool to health and wellness! You can use the breath to relax, to calm anxiety, to sing, to dive deep into the ocean, to increase circulation, to warm up or cool down, to ease an upset stomach or stimulate digestion, only to name a few!

Today, let’s allow for just 5 minutes to sit quietly and only listen to the breath. This morning, set an alarm for 5 minutes so you wont be distracted by the clock. Sit in a quiet place and take the time to honor this simple yet vital life quality. Pay attention to the sound as air flows in and out of your nostrils, the feeling as your lungs fill and empty of air, the energizing of the inhale and the relaxing of the exhale.

Breathing is the biological process by which we oxygenate the blood and release carbon monoxide by way of the lungs. The diaphram, located beneath the lungs near the solar plexus, is the muscular pump that allows for expansion and automatic exhalation. The oxigen rich blood then travels all over the body (thanks to the heart!) providing the essential ingredient for all of lifes functioning.

Oxgen Free Radicals are a byproduct of normal metabolism. However, if not controlled by the body’s immune system, they become toxic to our cells. One of our best defenses is keeping immune system strong with clean air for our blood!

So today, just enjoy the simple pleasure of the breath! Maybe you can practice this habit a few times through out the day or build it in to your daily routine over the next 30 days.

Feel free to share your experience of the breath below!

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