Welcome! I’m Caitlin Aguero. I created “Live in Bliss” as a hOMe base for us all to walk together on the path of living bliss. I believe life is a journey of experience and evolution; and each day is a chance to choose a joy filled life instead of one of suffering. What are you choosing?

Living in bliss means that the life we choose to lead brings us epic joy and satisfaction! We choose to see the blessings in each day. A hug is full of presence and a fallen flower is a gift of love from nature. Living in this mindset gives us the strength and courage to see difficulties as opportunities. In challenging moments, you know your soul is calling you to expand, evolve and transform. Whether its a stubbed toe or a shattered reality, you continue on with a light heart because you have felt the bliss of life and your faith is anchored in the acceptance of life, its cycles and the knowing of happiness.

As exquisite as that sounds, the path to that level of living is not all roses! At times we must call upon our community, friends and family (and sometimes strangers!) for support, guidance or a fresh perspective to assist us through those troubling times. When we unite and grow together in this way everyone can feel their courage and faith rise. We are communal beings, the support, inspiration and satisfaction that is all part of overcoming challenges is part of the bliss.

From this, Live in Bliss! was born. Check the Calendar for our upcoming events. Join us for a group class or a dance party, a private healing session or wellness coaching! Write to Caitlin about any of your questions or ideas you are working though. Follow the facebook page for inspiration or the blog for new information!

I am honored to walk this path of great living with you!
Many Blessings,

500 RYT (200 E-RYT), Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master, Certified Thai Massage Practitioner, Wataflow Practitioner, Mayan Crystal Healing Practitioner

Caitlin is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1,000 hours of teaching experience! She studied both her 200 hr (2010) and 500 hr (2015) certificates at Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja California Sur, Mexico. She teaches Yin,  Restorative, Hatha, Slow Flow, Vinyasa and SUP Yoga as well as various meditation techniques including Guided Visualization, Vipassana, Grounding, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Chanting and Kirtan.

Caitlin has studied breathwork in many forms and her Healing Breath sessions are based in yogic pranayama and the theories of Transformational breath, Holotropic breath and Tantric breath.

Caitlin was attuned to Reiki (Japanese for Universal Life Energy) in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions up to the Master Level by Allison Eaton (2013) and previously studied with Christopher Waltein and Lady Cas (2013).

For many years now, Caitlin has practiced with Mayan and Navajo Shamans in various ceremonies. The philosophies of native traditions are part of Caitlin’s daily routine. She holds Cacao Ceremonies and Fire Ceremonies in conjunction with the new and full moon and she offers Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing passed to her from Mayan healing traditions (2011).

In 2014, Caitlin learned one of her favorite healing arts, Thai Massage, from the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Washington, DC. She also had the opportunity to study Thai massage with various practitioners while living in Phuket and Koh Phangan, Thailand for 4 months!

While living on Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2016, Caitlin serendipitously was able learn the most peaceful healing art she has yet encountered! Wataflow is unique form of Watsu, developed by her teacher, Oceano, that allows you to enter into a state of full surrender, openness and bliss as you are guided through the water.

Try any one of her healing treatments or classes! You’ll find your way back to your true heart.

“Gather and create, be of service, be a sensible person, use your words and don’t be nervous, you can do this you’ve got purpose, find your medicine and use it!” Nakho Bear and Medicine for the People