Day 26 ~ Practice

We often refer to yoga and meditation activities as a practice. We say “Today we will practice…” or ask “What is your daily practice?” Both references acknowledge that there is a routine where we are continuing to learn and improve that which we are practicing. During a yoga class I’ll often hold a balance posture for a long time and remind the students that it is ok to loose balance, that’s the point of the practice! It is just as important to learn the process to get into a pose as it is to master the posture.

This applies to life too. The practice is a path and mastery comes from treading the path time and time again. Eventually, what was once impossible becomes a routine and simple feat. Don’t be afraid or judgmental if you loose your focus. Each time you do, it will be easier for you to return to your goals because you have already forged the path. The important thing is that you are able to recognize you’ve lost focus and with dedication, return yourself to the practice. So when you say yes to something you should say no to, or you eat the extra cookie instead of going for a hike, don’t distress! You are still learning the path and you have another opportunity to practice!



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