Day 30 ~ Celebrate!

Celebrate all the good in your life today! Each smile, each success, every feeling of excitement and appreciation, celebrate them! Not only are there little amazements waiting to be honored, you have improved your wellness in 30 different ways! That is worth celebrating! Do a little happy dance or a celebratory heel tap, treat yourself to a special meal or a take a mini adventure to commemorate all the greatness and wellness in your life.

Celebrating takes your recognition of the beauty in your life to a new level by expressing your happiness with actions of jubilee! You release feel good hormones and endorphins that help you recreate those circumstances in the future. Plus, you’ll notice how infectious your excitement is and you may just inspire another into ecstatic appreciation of their life.

Thank you for joining the 30-day Wellness Challenge! You now have 30 tools to improve your wellness and the practice to make it happen. Enjoy your celebrations!



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