Day 29 ~ Dedication

Wellness isn’t a diet or a detox. There isn’t an end date or a final goal. It is a continuous daily life. Wellness is living in a way that sparks happiness and health. Who doesn’t want that?!? You learn and recognize what is healthy and beneficial for your body and mind and choose those things over other options. It is not about deprivation, but amplification! You amplify your health, your breath, your muscle tone, your passion and your enjoyment of life!

There are times when the most beneficial option won’t be clear, there are times of experimentation, there are even times of distraction and apparent failure. This is all part of learning, just be aware of when it arises. Remember that it is ok to hit roadblocks and lose balance, these are opportunities to strengthen your determination. Your dedication to the benefits of your wellness is what will draw you through! Have confidence in your efforts and the steps you have already taken. Recognize the results you have already witnessed during our challenge and that continue to arise. Your continued commitment to your wellness will not only give you greater results, but will empower you in everything you do. From time management, to social gatherings, to food choices, to work life and beyond! You have the knowledge and the practice, and your dedication will turn a wellness challenge into a life filled with well-being!



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