Day 10 ~ Get Creative!

It’s time to get creative! Creativity is about producing something out of your own unique inspiration. Life is creation, ever flowing, changing and growing. Everyone is creative, but not everyone creates in the same ways. Your creativity is your own unique expression! There are many different ways to be creative: sketching, coloring, cooking, dancing, volunteering, envisioning, gardening, building, painting, practicing yoga, storytelling, writing poetry, singing, inventing, photography, journaling, playing music, scrapbooking, praying, building a playlist, problem solving, rearranging a room, building an altar. The options are endless!

Creating allows you to express the inspiration that lies within. Holding in creativity can feel make you feel heavy, restricted or depressed. When you express your creativity it helps you to shine, flow, accept and sometimes process emotions.

Many people have resistance to being creative or claim they are not creative. Often it is because of some memory in the past where their creativity was criticized. The truth is that we are all creative. You are creative! We all have a unique way of viewing and expressing to the world. None of us needs someone else to approve, accept or acknowledge their creativity for it to be worth while. As we all have our own ways of being creative, we all have our own concept of beauty, too. Your creations do not need to be judged as beautiful for them to be worth creating. The beauty is in the joy of creating.

So, create because it is your joy to create! Find your favorite routes of expression, and make time every day for your creations!



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