Day 12 ~ Take care

Take some solo time today and treat yourself to some self care. Take a bath, put on lotion or an oil conditioner for your hair, go for a massage, or a pedicure! You have been going strong in the Wellness Challenge and continuing with your daily life. You deserve some time to your self for quiet reflection and enjoyment! Not only do you deserve it, but self-care is part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking time regularly to receive a massage works out the knots and stress stored deep in the body; relaxing in a warm bath of epsom salts and lavender pulls toxins out from our skin; oiling your hair with coconut oil leaves it soft and restored with vitamins and minerals. These practices not only give us time for rest and relaxation but they also rejuvenate our health significantly.

In this quiet space, consider all the amazing steps you have taken towards a healthier lifestyle! Even if you feel you have only been “successful” with a few of the challenges. You’re headed in a great direction and you are learning how to successfully take steps to get there. Even if you find yourself focussing on what you haven’t done or how you haven’t improved, understand it has been no small feat to come as far as you have. It takes determination but also appreciation to get there. So appreciate your efforts, say thank you to yourself and enjoy your self care!




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