Day 25 ~ Clarity

Nice job identifying where you can “trim the fat”! This excess surrounds us constantly clouding many parts of our life. Excess thoughts, excess stuff, excess food, excess things to do! Eating excessively leads to fat, buying excessively leads to clutter, thinking excessively leads to confusion, doing excessively leads to anxiety and burnout. Excess is really abundance out of focus. It is a wonderful thing to have enough, to be busy, to have a full belly and a sharp mind but when the abundance is unfocussed it becomes chaotic and a detriment to our health.

When excess has taken ahold you, focus the abundance by cutting out what doesn’t have a positive influence. Do this by saying yes to that which has a positive influence in your life and saying no to that which has a negative or heavy influence. You can do this with new options that are coming to you and with excess already taking up space in your life. You may find grey areas where it isn’t clear what is a positive or negative influence and this is where it is important to be sure about your goals and priorities (Day 5 ~ Intentional Direction). Start with simple things that you can shed easily and watch as the grey areas become more and more clear!

Trimming off the excessive, negative and heavy parts of our lives helps us feel clear, light and even liberated! So, with just a simple sense of direction, shed the excess that doesn’t align and enjoy in the clarity and brightness of your renewed way of being!



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