Day 18 ~ Take a break

There is a constant pressure to produce, to achieve, to become better. It arises from a drive to compete, to be better than before, to impress. There literally are ALWAYS things to be done, impovements we could make and events to go to. But, we don’t have to do it ALL, all the time! Actually, we dont HAVE to do any of it. Wellness is not only having a healthy body and mind, it also refers to well-being. Being well, simply being ok with life as it is for you right now. Without the need to do or to go, but just to relax into being. From that relaxed state, what truely needs to be done for your greatest health will arise. Sometimes it’s rest, sometimes it’s water, sometimes it’s action and sometimes it’s stillness. But it comes from the relaxed body, not from the incessant mind. So take it easy today! Maybe you’ll end up standin on the corner! image


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