Day 13 ~ Balance

We’ve been working towards making our lives more in balance with a healthy lifestyle that leaves us feeling great, full of energy and keeps the body and mind healthy and strong. Who doesn’t want to feel great? Have plenty of energy to get to work and do the fun activities you enjoy? Who wouldn’t want a healthy body that because of it’s wellness, naturally wards off illness? How about a happy mind that enjoys and accepts the awesome life you live? I imagine everyone wants to enjoy the precious time they are gifted upon this earth. However, with the pace that we live our lives, it can be complicated to slow down enough to make these changes or incorporate these new habits.

We are constantly driven to produce results and track our success. Unless you’re obsessively checking your blood pressure, your weight on the scale, or going to the doctor to check the status of an illness, it can be difficult to see the gentle changes over time that come from living a healthier lifestyle. However the subtle the changes are, they are quite substantial! Often a you will see that you are toning muscle, not just losing fat; gaining endurance and higher energy levels through out the day; you may have a general sense of joy or a better acceptance of situations that bothered you before; one of the early habits like the breath awareness may come naturally for you now; or you are enjoying having a salad before each meal!

Take some time today to notice how you have come more into balance with wellness. Write down what you find and place it somewhere you will see throughout the day. These little messages help to remind us that there are results, and they make a big difference in the way we live our lives!



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