Day 22 ~ Joy

What makes the difference between a magical day where you are loving your life and just another day on the grind? Increasing your joy on a daily basis not only makes you love your life more and more! It boosts your immune system, sets a positive mood for you and those around you and it can lead to increased productivity.

What are the simple things that bring a smile to your face and uplift your heart? Things like, playing with the dog before work, singing or dancing to your favorite songs, going for a walk on your brake or taking the scenic route are just a few ways to toss some joy into your day without setting you back on your schedule.

If you aren’t aware of quick ways to reset your mood, jot down a list and add to it over time. Any time you find yourself feeling bored or down, complaining or frustrated, try to do one of the little soul-joy activities. It’ll help adjust your perspective and uplift your mindset. So don’t just waiting for joy to stumble into your life, go create it!



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