Day 17 ~ Faith

When you put your life into someone else’s hands, it is a complete act of faith. Whether it is riding in a car, taking an airplane or going in for surgery, we surrender our own capabilities and acknowledge that there is another, better qulified for the task. In doing so, we put our faith in the science, the medicine, the mechanics, the expertise of the piolot, or surgeon. Some, continuing in faith, turn to prayer, acknowledging the power of the mystery that lies beyond the physical.

It is human to worry, to doubt the skills, the science, or the benevolence of the divine. These thoughts cross our minds and can spiral into a dungeon of distress. But what good does it bring? The worry and anxiety doesn’t create more skill or blessing. It actually reinforces the doubt and chaos. In these trying moments when doubt arises but there is nothing that can be done, why not choose faith? Not only will your mind set be more relaxed, your experience can be more pleasant and open to recognizing the blessings being bestowed. The more expertise and positivity you appreciate, the stronger your faith becomes. Then, when worry arises again, you have the proof of positivity that reinstills your faith. It all begins with a choice to remain in a mind of positivity rather than a path of distress.


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