Day 30 ~ Celebrate!

Celebrate all the good in your life today! Each smile, each success, every feeling of excitement and appreciation, celebrate them! Not only are there little amazements waiting to be honored, you have improved your wellness in 30 different ways! That is worth celebrating! Do a little happy dance or a celebratory heel tap, treat yourself to a special meal or a take a mini adventure to commemorate all the greatness and wellness in your life.

Celebrating takes your recognition of the beauty in your life to a new level by expressing your happiness with actions of jubilee! You release feel good hormones and endorphins that help you recreate those circumstances in the future. Plus, you’ll notice how infectious your excitement is and you may just inspire another into ecstatic appreciation of their life.

Thank you for joining the 30-day Wellness Challenge! You now have 30 tools to improve your wellness and the practice to make it happen. Enjoy your celebrations!



Day 29 ~ Dedication

Wellness isn’t a diet or a detox. There isn’t an end date or a final goal. It is a continuous daily life. Wellness is living in a way that sparks happiness and health. Who doesn’t want that?!? You learn and recognize what is healthy and beneficial for your body and mind and choose those things over other options. It is not about deprivation, but amplification! You amplify your health, your breath, your muscle tone, your passion and your enjoyment of life!

There are times when the most beneficial option won’t be clear, there are times of experimentation, there are even times of distraction and apparent failure. This is all part of learning, just be aware of when it arises. Remember that it is ok to hit roadblocks and lose balance, these are opportunities to strengthen your determination. Your dedication to the benefits of your wellness is what will draw you through! Have confidence in your efforts and the steps you have already taken. Recognize the results you have already witnessed during our challenge and that continue to arise. Your continued commitment to your wellness will not only give you greater results, but will empower you in everything you do. From time management, to social gatherings, to food choices, to work life and beyond! You have the knowledge and the practice, and your dedication will turn a wellness challenge into a life filled with well-being!


Day 28 ~ Results

Wow! It has been a wellness packed 4 weeks! There have been so many challenges and so many successes too. We’ve learned new perspectives on health and how old habits have become unhealthy for us. We’ve even been able to change some of those old habits and make awesome new ones that feel magnificent!

Today, we’re recognizing all the success, benefits, accomplishments and great new feelings we’ve created during the challenge! Some things even unrelated to the daily challenges have improved without purposely focussing on them! It’s been amazing!

Take a look back and make a list or a drawing of all the beneficial results you’ve had during the challenge. Consider the feeling of achievement, the new found health, the brighter outlook and whatever else manifested for you! Did some of the results take time before you noticed them? Which ones brought immediate satisfaction? Enjoy the benefits of your wellness today!


Day 27 ~ Skin care

We’ve covered wellness in your body and for your body but what about on your body? On a daily basis we use many different products on our skin and hair from hand wash and lotion to toothpaste and hair products! With these chemicals (yes they are mostly chemicals!) coming into contact with you at such a hight rate, they should also be reconsidered as you revamp your lifestyle for wellness!

Think about it, every day (sometimes multiple times a day) you’re lathering up and soaking up soaps, moisturizer, deodorant, toothpaste, make-up and other products. Whether is during a warm shower or prolonged exposure these products are easily absorbed though the skin, enter the bloodstream and thus can wreak havoc in your body. From disrupting hormones to overworking your cleansing organs like the liver and kidneys, dehydrating and damaging your cells and some even known to cause cancer and birth defects. Though many brands use marketing techniques that claim to have natural products or seem “green” they can be quite deceptive. Have you read the labels? Most of the ingredients are synthetic or highly treated or processed thus a far cry from their initial “natural” source. Some are cryptic and misleading like “perfume” and “fragrance” which allow company’s to keep their recipe a secret but can include an array of different chemicals. Also, many ingredients can be contaminated through their processing with harmful chemical by-products like lead, mercury or hydrocarbons.

Here are a few ingredients to definitely keep off your body: Parabens, phthalates, coal-tar, toluene, sodium laurel (ethyl) sulfate (SLS), triclosan, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethanolanine (MEA).

I recommend keeping it as simple and natural as you are comfortable with! Focus on one product at a time, do a little research and read the labels! In general, I recommend, finding everything SLS, triclosan and paraben free in addition to fluoride free toothpaste; simple soaps with essential oils for fragrance; aluminum chlorohidrate free deodorants; and a natural moisturizer like shea butter and coconut oil.

There are many ingredients to watch out for and it can get overwhelming! The goal is to be informed so you make choices that continue support your well-being!


Day 26 ~ Practice

We often refer to yoga and meditation activities as a practice. We say “Today we will practice…” or ask “What is your daily practice?” Both references acknowledge that there is a routine where we are continuing to learn and improve that which we are practicing. During a yoga class I’ll often hold a balance posture for a long time and remind the students that it is ok to loose balance, that’s the point of the practice! It is just as important to learn the process to get into a pose as it is to master the posture.

This applies to life too. The practice is a path and mastery comes from treading the path time and time again. Eventually, what was once impossible becomes a routine and simple feat. Don’t be afraid or judgmental if you loose your focus. Each time you do, it will be easier for you to return to your goals because you have already forged the path. The important thing is that you are able to recognize you’ve lost focus and with dedication, return yourself to the practice. So when you say yes to something you should say no to, or you eat the extra cookie instead of going for a hike, don’t distress! You are still learning the path and you have another opportunity to practice!


Day 25 ~ Clarity

Nice job identifying where you can “trim the fat”! This excess surrounds us constantly clouding many parts of our life. Excess thoughts, excess stuff, excess food, excess things to do! Eating excessively leads to fat, buying excessively leads to clutter, thinking excessively leads to confusion, doing excessively leads to anxiety and burnout. Excess is really abundance out of focus. It is a wonderful thing to have enough, to be busy, to have a full belly and a sharp mind but when the abundance is unfocussed it becomes chaotic and a detriment to our health.

When excess has taken ahold you, focus the abundance by cutting out what doesn’t have a positive influence. Do this by saying yes to that which has a positive influence in your life and saying no to that which has a negative or heavy influence. You can do this with new options that are coming to you and with excess already taking up space in your life. You may find grey areas where it isn’t clear what is a positive or negative influence and this is where it is important to be sure about your goals and priorities (Day 5 ~ Intentional Direction). Start with simple things that you can shed easily and watch as the grey areas become more and more clear!

Trimming off the excessive, negative and heavy parts of our lives helps us feel clear, light and even liberated! So, with just a simple sense of direction, shed the excess that doesn’t align and enjoy in the clarity and brightness of your renewed way of being!


Day 24 ~ Road Blocks

We all run into bumps and blocks along any road we take. We may find resistance to change, lethargy, or a chemical (sugar, caffeine, wheat, drugs, etc.) or emotional (stress, victim, drama, etc.) addiction. There are always distractions and challenges, but what matters is how we overcome them. The more we feed (by creating a drama) or neglect (by denying or ignoring) the issue, the stronger it will become. But, if we are honest and acknowledge the issue openly, it becomes much more manageable to overcome.

Consider the road blocks you have encountered since you started the challenge. Time constraints, lack of motivation or will power, food cravings, low energy, critical opinions…they get to all of us! Be honest with yourself and what you have confronted. You don’t have to share it with anyone else, but at least write them down on a piece of paper. Think of the moments that these issues were stronger than your dedication to wellness. Now, play out in your imagination different outcomes that lead to success! You catch yourself reaching for an extra cookie and decide to go for a walk instead. You decide to join a yoga class instead of sitting around watching TV. Once you can see a new outcome, get rid of the paper! Toss it, burn it or bury it. By destroying it you remind yourself that these habits don’t have control over you and you can choose a different path.

There are many alternatives that we can choose in any one moment. When you are honest about the places you struggle, it empowers you ignite your imagination and pick a new route! See the possibilities!



Day 23 ~ Homestretch

As we’re reaching the final days of the Wellness Challenge, take a look back over the past 23 days. Review some of the past challenges. Which new habits have you successfully integrated into your life? Which ones are still a challenge? How are you doing with the “Habit Journal”? Do you feel like you’ve been giving it you best?

This is the home stretch! So take today to review and ramp up your energies for the last week of the challenge!





Day 22 ~ Joy

What makes the difference between a magical day where you are loving your life and just another day on the grind? Increasing your joy on a daily basis not only makes you love your life more and more! It boosts your immune system, sets a positive mood for you and those around you and it can lead to increased productivity.

What are the simple things that bring a smile to your face and uplift your heart? Things like, playing with the dog before work, singing or dancing to your favorite songs, going for a walk on your brake or taking the scenic route are just a few ways to toss some joy into your day without setting you back on your schedule.

If you aren’t aware of quick ways to reset your mood, jot down a list and add to it over time. Any time you find yourself feeling bored or down, complaining or frustrated, try to do one of the little soul-joy activities. It’ll help adjust your perspective and uplift your mindset. So don’t just waiting for joy to stumble into your life, go create it!


Day 21 ~ Nature Healing

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is when you are out in nature? Near the water or walking in the woods, you may hear the rustle of the wind and the song of the birds. You take a deep breath and can feel yourself fill with life and exhale and relax with joy. Nature heals us in many ways. Soothing sounds, fresh air, and beautiful landscapes all contribute to the experience. There is something super charged in this experience!

Scientists have linked this boosted positivity to the abundance of negative ions in the air. Negative ions are oxygen particles that have an extra electron causing them to have a negative charge. Positive ions, on the other hand, are given off by electronic equipment causing static electricity and tend to lead to illness and depression.

Not only is it important to get out side and enjoy the negative ions, but you can increase the negative ions and reduce the positive ions in your home by making a few simple changes. Try having an indoor plant, burning candles or opening the windows! You can also get a salt lamp, an indoor water fountain, or an ionizer. Be sure to unplug any unnecessary electronics and use heating and air conditioning only when necessary. You can reduce static electricity in your clothes by hanging them to dry or hand washing instead of dry cleaning.

Just be sure to get some fresh air and catch some rays every day!