Private Sessions

Live in Bliss! is now offering Private Sessions at the Baja Bliss Wellness Spa, in Pescadero, BCS, Mexico!

I also offer private and group sessions over live video so you can enjoy your session anywhere in the world including the comfort of your own home! Look for the (~)

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  • Restorative Thai Yoga Massage – A blend of ancient traditions from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Shamanic practices we use acupressure and assisted stretching intended to free blockages in the meridians, mobilize the joints and relax the muscles leaving the body more limber, relaxed and open. 1 hour for $75, 1.5 hour $95, Hot Himalayan Salt Stone 1.5 hour $100
  • Rejuvenating Reflexology – Working with Thai and Chinese medicine theories, this relaxing foot reflexology treatment addresses the entire body through the feet.  30 min $30, 60 min $60
  • Blissful Float Spa – Steep in deep relaxation as you effortlessly float in a warm bath of Epsom Salts! Great for healing muscular and joint pain (including fibromyalgia and arthritis), jet-lag, fatigue and anxiety. Available in Pescadero, BCS only. 1 hour $60, 1.5 hour $80
  • Divine Wataflow Massage – The most powerful relaxing and healing experience offered! You are floated and gently moved through various postures to release tension in the body and sooth the mind. You’ll find yourself transformed into a mermaid in no time! No swimming skills needed. Practiced in a pool or at the beach. 60 min $55. Price varies depending on location and duration
  • ~Transformative BreathWave ~ This healing breath work can be a refreshing and rejuvenating practice or a profound experience of release and integration! You are in complete control of the depth of your experience. We use specific breathing patterns to allow memories and energies stored in the body to release and process through the breath. 1 hour $45
  • ~Relaxing Reiki and Chakra Rebalancing ~ A state of pure rest and relaxation arises as you are charged with the revitalizing energy of Reiki and your chakras are returned to their natural vibration with the assistance of healing crystals. 45 min $35; 60 min $60
  • ~You-nique Yoga Class ~ (Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Gentle/Static, Yin, Restorative or SUP) Private yoga class custom constructed to your needs. 1 hour starting at $40 depending on location.
  • ~Guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra ~ Intuitively guided meditation focussed on your specific intentions. 45 minutes $25
  • ~Insightful Wellness Coaching ~ Encouragement and direction to improve the quality of your life. Our goal is that each day, you are living your passions! Healthier, happier and more authentically than ever before. 30 min $20
  • ~Akashic Records Clearing ~ A dive into the sweet realm of total acceptance and loving, direct guidance from your spirit guides and teachers. 30 min $25
  • ~Conscious Conversation ~ Loving, open, honest and safe space to discuss positive topics and constructively work through current challenges and intentions for growth.
  • Kitchen Kleanse – Often the most damaging sources of toxins lay on our dinner plate and under our sink! Cleansing your kitchen of toxic foods and cleaning products is an essential ingredient to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

(~) means Video Session is available any where in the world!