Day 28 ~ Results

Wow! It has been a wellness packed 4 weeks! There have been so many challenges and so many successes too. We’ve learned new perspectives on health and how old habits have become unhealthy for us. We’ve even been able to change some of those old habits and make awesome new ones that feel magnificent!

Today, we’re recognizing all the success, benefits, accomplishments and great new feelings we’ve created during the challenge! Some things even unrelated to the daily challenges have improved without purposely focussing on them! It’s been amazing!

Take a look back and make a list or a drawing of all the beneficial results you’ve had during the challenge. Consider the feeling of achievement, the new found health, the brighter outlook and whatever else manifested for you! Did some of the results take time before you noticed them? Which ones brought immediate satisfaction? Enjoy the benefits of your wellness today!



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