Day 5 ~ Intentional Direction!

Why do we want to focus on well-being anyway? What’s it worth? We age, that is part of life! There are days that we are injured or have to over come illness. However, living a healthy lifestyle is like taking preventative medicine! When we fuel our bodies with nutrient rich and nourishing foods, drink enough water to keep everything flowing, breathe fresh air, move enough to metabolize and maintain a positive outlook, we’re much more likely to live a long, healthy life and recover from illness easily.

The thing is, we’re not so accustomed to living like that! There are many reasons why. Often we were raised in a household where nutrition and wellness weren’t a factor, or we think we’re too busy to bother, or we think it’s too late. These are totally understandable. Our culture, though ironically it worships a fit beautiful body, doesn’t have a great track record for socially supporting wellness. The consumer culture is constantly coaxing us to stop by a fast food restaurant, buy some expensive do-hicky to save time and solve all our problems or go have a rager of a night at a local bar. I’m not against a fun night out or a quarter pounder on occasion, but if that’s your norm it’s not leading you down a path of health!

Coming into wellness is not an all or nothing deal. It’s actually MUCH better to take it in stages, creating sustainable changes. Over time, converting damaging habits into moderately acceptable ones, then into health promoting habits. It’s about forging a new outlook and lifestyle vs a quick fix.

Last night was the New moon, a time when the night sky is dark and the moon pauses between its waning and waxing phases. It is a perfect time for us to pause and plan a new direction for our lives. Take some time today to set simple, achievable and incremental Wellness Goals. Use the habits we’ve been working on for the past 4 days or add others that you want to focus on. Here’s a template you can print! Wellness Goals

With this direction and focus, it’s easy to take action and see results. Though no one else can do it for you, we can support and inspire each other along the way!

Wellness Goals



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