Day 24 ~ Road Blocks

We all run into bumps and blocks along any road we take. We may find resistance to change, lethargy, or a chemical (sugar, caffeine, wheat, drugs, etc.) or emotional (stress, victim, drama, etc.) addiction. There are always distractions and challenges, but what matters is how we overcome them. The more we feed (by creating a drama) or neglect (by denying or ignoring) the issue, the stronger it will become. But, if we are honest and acknowledge the issue openly, it becomes much more manageable to overcome.

Consider the road blocks you have encountered since you started the challenge. Time constraints, lack of motivation or will power, food cravings, low energy, critical opinions…they get to all of us! Be honest with yourself and what you have confronted. You don’t have to share it with anyone else, but at least write them down on a piece of paper. Think of the moments that these issues were stronger than your dedication to wellness. Now, play out in your imagination different outcomes that lead to success! You catch yourself reaching for an extra cookie and decide to go for a walk instead. You decide to join a yoga class instead of sitting around watching TV. Once you can see a new outcome, get rid of the paper! Toss it, burn it or bury it. By destroying it you remind yourself that these habits don’t have control over you and you can choose a different path.

There are many alternatives that we can choose in any one moment. When you are honest about the places you struggle, it empowers you ignite your imagination and pick a new route! See the possibilities!




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