Day 11 ~ Community

Community support makes a huge difference when you are making steps towards greater wellbeing. It is good to share your growth with friends and family and to branch out to new communities that are already headed the direction you’re going. When your family and community are on board with the changes you’re making, they understand you and the changes can be a lot smoother. When you connect with people that are already taking the same steps you are, you know you have company on the path you’re walking and it can inspire and motivate you to continue further.

Today, we’re joining the Global Wellness Day! Come meet us down at Edgewater Park between 8-12:30 (see the attached flier for parking and other details)! We’ll be walking, meditating, doing Tai Chi and having an organic lunch by the shore! If you can’t make it to Edgewater Park, invite a few friends on a hike or go out for an organic meal with your family. Share what you’ve learned or your favorite new wellness activities!

Wellness Day


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