Day 8 ~ Just Be Well

Wow! It’s been a packed week! It feels terrific to have organized cupboards, stocked full of yummy foods that are good for our bodies too! We’ve been taking great steps towards wellness for the past 7 days. Let’s revel in it!

Enjoy the fresh air through the depth of your breathing practice!

Tickle your tastebuds with refreshing iced mint tea!

Have fun with the family while playing in the yard!

Dine on a divine dish of local greens, quinoa and chicken!

Satisfy your goals for the week!

Today’s a day to reinforce all the new habits we’ve been building. If you need a refresher, go back and review the earlier challenges. You can also try starting a routine journal where you keep track of your new habits and goals day by day. Check the link below for an example of one!

How are you doing with your daily routines? Are there any new habits that you’re having a hard time integrating? Any feel so great you want to take them further?

Contact me with any questions!

Habit journal

Love life


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