Wellness Coaching

I am really passionate about Wellness Coaching! It is an opportunity to bring all of my offerings in a transformational package that gets results!

It can be so difficult to know what kind of changes to make to improve the quality of your life, let alone how to effectively create them! We have all been there, complaining about the same old things, feeling overwhelmed or without options…

In a Wellness Coaching session, we take an honest look at all areas of your life; from food to sleep to work to digestion to hobbies and family and more. We ask, “Am I thriving in this way of living? Or am I barely squeaking by?” Then, we work with together to identify your passions, values and priorities. We look at your routines, habits, commitments and responsibilities to see where some adjustments can be made to re-align you with your bliss. We create a tiered plan to phase in new, healthy habits and phase out old, redundant ones as well as daily routines to harness your transformation and see results! I’m there to support you every step of the way as you implement these changes, welcome your success and overcome your challenges. Before you know it you’re on the fast track to living a bliss filled life!