Reiki Relaxation

I offer Reiki at the master level, which means that I have been taught, attuned to and receive the highest vibrational flow of Universal Life Energy (Rei-Ki), or prana to offer you! This tradition comes from Japan and is based in Taoist and Buddhist healing techniques. However, it is a universal practice that has been used in ancient shamanic and mystical traditions around the world!

As you rest, I open up channels of transference to charge your entire being with pure, Universal Life Energy. You may feel tingling, tinging, sudden movements and releasing of muscles, muscular and mental relaxation, deep peace, intuitive insights. You may even fall asleep!

I also use Mayan shamanic techniques using specific earth crystals and mineral rocks that hold the vibrational frequencies of the Chakras or energy centers of our aura or mental/emotional body. This helps to bring your energy centers back into balance. Leaving you feeling equanimity, health and clear.

Why are my chakras out of balance?? In our fast paced, competitive and intoxicating society today we are subjected to numerous toxins through our food, air, water, cleaning products, hygiene products, mental states, emotional rollercoasters and electronic clouds! These all bombard and drain our energy systems throughout each day. If we don’t take the time to nourish ourselves, connect with nature and detox the body and mind, these toxins lead to chronic imbalances that end up forming disease. Reiki and Chakra balancing is one of the tools